Chelsea Specializes in:
Ceramic Pin Grid Array Packages
Ceramic Quad Flat Packs (CQFP)
Ceramic Small Outline Package
Cerdip Dual Inline Packages
Cerquads-EIJA and JEDEC
Flat Packs
J Lead Chip Carriers
Hybrid Packages-Ceramic and Metal
Leadless Chip Carriers (LCC)
Microwave Packages
Plastic Equilavent Packages
Plastic Pin Grid Array Packages
Power Transistor Outline (TO) Packages
Side Braze Packages
Ceramic Lids
Combo Lids
Epoxy Lids
TO Cans
Step Lids
Window Lids
Other Materials
BeO Substrates
Die-Attach Pre-Forms
Dummy Components
Flat-Pack Carriers and Clips
Heat Sinks
Lead Frames
Laser Scribed Packages
Burn-in/Test Sockets

Who We Are:
Chelsea Technology, Inc. was founded in 1989 as an independent distributor servicing and supporting customers in the semiconductor package industry. Our mission then and now is simple:
To partner with users of microelectronic packaging materials in maximizing their inventory investment.
We accomplish this goal in three ways:
We provide prompt delivery of competitively priced packages and lids to satisfy engineering, testing and production requirements.
We work closely with materials managers to most profitably dispose of excess and slow moving raw material inventories.
We offer assembly expertise and subcontract capabilities to those customers who prefer not to manufacture product in-house.
Chelsea Technology, Inc. prides itself on providing these services worldwide to customers with a wide array of packaging and assembly needs. We stock hundreds of thousands of products at our facility in North Andover, MA, USA. We offer customer focused stocking programs and in-house consignment programs, to provide you with the ultimate in inventory flexibility.
So whether you are seeking to fill an urgent material shortage, sourcing a hard to find component, developing a prototype or other small volume run, or searching for a cost effective alternative to large inventories, Chelsea Technology is ready to assist you.
We guarantee to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices and reduced lead times.

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Email Us:
Chelsea Technology, Inc. 300 Willow Street, North Andover, MA 01845 USA
tel: 978 682-3000 fax: 978 682-2223