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Chelsea Specializes in:
Ceramic Pin Grid Array Packages
Ceramic Quad Flat Packs (CQFP)
Ceramic Small Outline Package
Cerdip Dual Inline Packages
Cerquads-EIJA and JEDEC
Flat Packs
J Lead Chip Carriers
Hybrid Packages-Ceramic and Metal
Leadless Chip Carriers (LCC)
Microwave Packages
Plastic Equilavent Packages
Plastic Pin Grid Array Packages
Power Transistor Outline (TO) Packages
Side Braze Packages
Ceramic Lids
Combo Lids
Epoxy Lids
TO Cans
Step Lids
Window Lids
Other Materials
BeO Substrates
Die-Attach Pre-Forms
Dummy Components
Flat-Pack Carriers and Clips
Heat Sinks
Lead Frames
Laser Scribed Packages
Burn-in/Test Sockets

Email Us:
Chelsea Technology, Inc. 300 Willow Street, North Andover, MA 01845 USA
tel: 978 682-3000 fax: 978 682-2223